We are located in Maine, United States and make custom designs for printing, we have your clothing printed and sent upon order.

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The Salty Porcupine was never a very happy creature. He ate pine needles for breakfast, hid from fisher cats all day, and was just a very salty fellow. One day he decided to go on a long journey to find something new. Maybe over the next hill there would be something that would cheer him up a little. This particular porcupine was quite old and had never gone much of anywhere before. When he made it over the top of the hill everything looked the same! What would he do now? Well there are more pine needles, those are just everywhere. He never liked them very much, but he ate them anyway. Once the salty porcupine had his fill he set out to cross over the next hill, feeling even saltier that before. He made his way down the hill and came to something he had never seen before. He didn’t like it very much, but he had to cross this sea of black to get where he wanted to go, and this porcupine was very stubborn, so he walked across the blacktop, grumping all the way. Unfortunately that was the end of the salty porcupine, and now this store is here to honor him in all his saltiness. We are sure he is still as grumpy as he always was even today, or quite possibly saltier.